About Leo's

Leo’s is the largest and most popular play center chain in the Nordics with over 50 play centers (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany). The company is in an expansive phase and expect to establish 6-10 new play centers each year, the target is 100 centers in 2025.


We believe in our success factors

When the company was started in 2006 in Luleå, Sweden, the founders wanted to create a place for families focused on play and movement. It is more relevant than ever, as research shows that children are exercising too little today. The company's success is based on a strong concept of play, fun and movement for the whole family. Our main priorities are service, safety and cleanliness, for satisfied guests that want to visit us again. We do everything with quality and enthusiasm.


Short facts

Play centers 2021: 50
Revenue 2022: 75 million Euro
Markets 2021: Sweden (28), Norway (9), Denmark (5), Finland (7) and Germany (1)
Employees: Approx. 1800
Founders: Joakim Gunler och Jonas Rönnqvist
Founded: In 2006
Origin: Luleå, Sweden

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6-8 new play centers each year

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