Welcome to Bistro Leo's 

When you need a break from all the fun, visit Bistro Leo's. Here we serve a wide range of food and snacks, suitable for everyone. In order to make it easier, our staff brings the food directly to your table. 


The atmosphere

Bistro  Leo's is carefully designed to fit the whole family - generous space for the stroller and of course free WI-FI. The area is located away from the play area, which creates a nice environment and a place to relax and to charge the batteries. 

A selection from the menu

Bistro Burgers

Hamburger is a classic meal.  Is served with a soft drink and fries. 


Play, fun and adventure makes you thirsty. Bistro Leo's serves a selection of  drinks from well known brands. 

Bistro Fresh

Suitable for those who want a more fresh alternative. This menu includes salads, wraps and toasts. 


Kids Menu

The menu for our smaller guests is designed to suit all tastes. 


Our café selection includes coffée/tea, ligher snacks and several pastries.